The Identicals is an Australian comedy web series about overprotected, undersexed 40-year-old twin brothers who live at home with their mother. Created by and starring real-life identical twins Mark and Brett Nichols, The Identicals explores the unusual, but fascinating relationship between twin brothers, Max and Floyd McDoogle. The series hilariously chronicles the misadventures of this pair of inseparable, middle-aged mirror-image misfits on their quest for individuality, respect and most importantly, sex.


Mark and Brett have made several twin-related comedy short films, including Good Cop, Bad Cop (2008) – a detective spoof about one cop’s quest to bring his corrupt Siamese twin brother to justice. In 2014 they made Washed Up, about twin castaways whose relationship is tested when a blow-up sex doll washes up on their desert island. The film was a finalist in the Mornington Peninsula Film Festival, and was short-listed for Tropfest the same year. The brothers backed up by making the Tropfest top 16 the following year with their mockumentary Identical – which was the inspiration for this web series.


In 2017 Mark and Brett teamed up with producer Serena Hunt. Having worked in Australia, Canada and the UK as a Producer, Director and Assistant Director for over 20 years, Serena brought with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in film production and storytelling. Serena upholds an impressive reputation in the industry for her dedication and integrity and is best known for her work with the team behind the Logie award winning Aussie comedy series’ Housos, Fat Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers.